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Celebrating PWCDC Latino Caucus Victory at the Dale City July 4th Parade!

Prince William County Democrats

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Exciting news! The PWCDC Latino Caucus won two prestigious awards at the Dale City July 4th Parade!

In our debut year in the parade’s 57-year history, with over 100 entries, our achievement is truly remarkable. 

The PWCDC Latino Caucus clinched the top spot in the ✨Judges’ Trophy category, the highest honor for creativity, innovation, patriotism, and organization. Additionally, we secured first place in the ✨Walking Group category. 

Our marching team and professional dancers were praised for their exceptional performance, creativity, appearance, and patriotic spirit.

These awards reflect the tremendous coordination and collaboration behind the scenes. 

Creating a float as impressive as ours required extensive teamwork among volunteers, businesses, caucus members, and community leaders.

We are grateful for the advisory counsel provided by former Delegate Elizabeth Guzman. We also appreciate the participation of Eugene Vindman, Congressional Candidate for CD 7; Deshundra Jefferson, Chair of the PWC Board of County Supervisors; Yesy Amaya, Manassas Park City Council member; and Diana Brown, 2024 contender for the Manassas Park School Board. 

A special thanks to Sam Chisolm, PWCDC Chair, John Reid of PW Perspective, and Collin Robinson, Chair of Gainesville Magisterial District, for their consistent support.

None of this would have been possible without the generous funding from our sponsors and the countless hours contributed by our dedicated volunteers. 

Their unwavering commitment to the Latino Caucus and the Latino community has been invaluable. We deeply appreciate their time, consideration, and dedication to our shared cause.

Looking ahead, our next big focus is winning the November 2024 presidential election. 

We will be reaching out to YOU to seek more volunteers to expand Latino voter engagement, education, and turnout.

Join us to discuss our upcoming initiatives at our next meeting on ✨Wednesday, July 10th at 7 PM (and every second Wednesday of the month thereafter). 

This election year is crucial for our nation and community, and it’s essential that our voters understand its significance.

We will share information and educate about the Democratic Party’s principles and reaffirm our values and freedoms as we approach this election. 

Our main goal is to help ensure that President Biden and Vice President Harris win in November.

In just five months, we’ve significantly grown our membership and established a strong community presence.

Thank you for your continued commitment to our shared mission. 

Together, we are making a significant impact on our culture and communities across Prince William County and beyond.

With gratitude, 

PWCDC Latino Caucus Executive Committee